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Free – Learn Digital Drawing in Photoshop

In this course we will go over a variety of methods for drawing and also how we can use a digital format to enhance these methods. We will be using Adobe Photoshop and we will start by going over the... more ››

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Free – 100% off CONNECT – Become Influential and Connect with Anyone

I grew up in a village in South Africa during the Apartheid period. Given my Indian heritage, I was classified as "non-white" and had to live in an Indian designated area. As a "non-white" person, th... more ››

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Free – Make It Count! -Show a Return on Investment with Training

How do you want to polish like a hero on your group for correcting vital issues, elevating the bar on efficiency, and getting effects your upper-united stateshope for? You can do so via following a sa... more ››

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Free – WordPress(.com) Vs WordPress(.org) Explained!

This course compares and contrasts the differences between the free blogging service offered by Wordpress and a self-hosted blog running Wordpress scripts. The course is suited to anyone who's intere... more ››

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Free – Getting Started with Aurelia

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript framework using the latest versions of the JavaScript language. It leverages modern concepts like ES6, Web Components, and modularization to help you develop pe... more ››

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Free – 100% off New Manager’s Five-week Success System

The New Manager's Five-week Success System will give you all the information you need to start managing effectively, from day 1. And, if you are already a new manager, then you will be able to apply ... more ››

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Free – IoT – Turn a light on with your iPhone

Course Description Learn the basic concepts of the IoT. Learn how BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to control devices and how to use iOS development tools for developing a simple application with a... more ››

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Free – 100% off NLP- Create Instant Rapport Using Hypnotic Handshake

In this course titled 'NLP- Create Instant Rapport Using Hypnotic Handshake' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn - Handshake is one of the first steps when you interact with anyone. Every few people... more ››

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Free – 100% off NLP- Use Psychic Energy Techniques For Instant Rapport

In this course titled 'NLP- Use Psychic Energy Techniques For Instant Rapport' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn - Creating and instant rapport is an art and this art is very much required for mar... more ››

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Free – 100% off How to Make Video Titles and Graphics in Adobe After Effects

Bring your videos to life with this great course on creating amazing lower thirds. What is a lower third? A lower third is one of those cool titles that shows up on the bottom of a video screen - us... more ››

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Free – 100% off eBay Business Selling Buy Branded Products Below Wholesale

More than 1700 students just after launch! Now updated for September, 2015. See live example of how to make $447 in less than an hour by selling branded products on eBay. Become a Power Seller in no ... more ››

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