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#Free – 100% off #Fun Ukulele Strumming Course

Learn to play 12 MUST KNOW strumming patterns that will work on one million songs in less than an hour. This course begins with an explanation of how to make best use out of the course. You´ll real... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Guitar Talk – All You Need To Know About Guitars And Gear...

Learn all about other guitars and the equipment that you'll be able to purchase to revel in them much more! Welcome to this EPIC direction!!! Have you ever questioned about any of this stuff…? Wh... more ››

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#Free – #Getting Started On Guitar

Open Chords, Strumming Patterns & Progressions Learn Chord Theory, Strumming Patterns, Basic Techniques and Progressions (songs!) with this newbie guitar direction. Completely new to the guitar? A... more ››

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#Free – #Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery: 3 Techniques You Need To Know

Learn 3 essential modern fingerstyle techniques from Tobias Rauscher, the guitarist with 20.000.000+ YouTube views Percussive fingerstyle guitar has become increasingly popular over the past few ye... more ››

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#Free – #Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications| #Operating Systems

Learn concerning the Linux Equivalents to Windows Software, Programs, and Applications. If you ever sought after to check out Linux, however have been afraid you would not be in a position to use y... more ››

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#Free – #A beginner`s guide to fingerpicking and strumming guitar”| #Instr...

How to be informed fingerstyle, strumming, amateur, acoustic, rock, blues, pop, nation and fingerpicking people guitar I`m now not one to toot my very own horn, however I would like to be immediate... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Piano Playing: Reading and Playing Classical Tunes Vol.II

Improve your studying on the piano when you play classical tunes. Welcome to this direction!! Would you love to fortify your song studying and play piano? In this path you'll increase a greater st... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Blues Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Chords, Rhythm and Lead

Easy blues guitar lessons for beginners: bar chords w/diagrams, rock 'n' roll & blues shuffle rhythm & lead guitar w/tab Have you ever wanted to take private lessons from the world's greatest profe... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Playing Piano: Play Chords and Popular Pieces Vol.I

Be in a position to play in style items the use of chords Do you wish to have to learn how to play piano? Would you love to play fashionable items? Maybe you'll be able to learn track however you ... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Fun Beginner Ukulele course

Learn to play the ukulele and be the megastar on the birthday party! Hello and welcome the this amateur ukulele course! This course is best possible for the amateur ukulele participant this is wan... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Piano Skills: Improve your piano technique

Learn those simple to apply workouts and strengthen your enjoying. Do you wish to have so as to play piano controlling your sound, phraseology and fighting accidents? Do you wish to have to start o... more ››

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#Free – 100% off #Play Piano 8 – Play Over the Rainbow by Ear & Free I...

Learn the best way to get dressed up the song of Over the Rainbow from its fundamental chords & improvise with complex 2-five Power Chords. Play Piano 8:  Play Popular Songs By Ear Using Chord Prog... more ››

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