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#Introduction to Tableau Desktop 30% Off| #BIGDATA

Complete protection of Tableau Desktop options so you'll be able to construct superb knowledge visualizations and dashboards. SKILL LEVEL - Beginner Level, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - three Hours ( 20 ... more ››

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#Learn Data Visualization with Tableau 9.1 30% Off| #BIGDATA

Unlock the Value of Big Data and Improve Your Own Earning Potential! SKILL LEVEL - Beginner Level, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - 1 Hour ( 20  lectures), Average Rating four scores Over 20 le... more ››

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#Factories and Directives in AngularJS 38% off – $15| #AngularJS

A Step By Step Guide To Using Advanced AngularJS Functions Over 29 lectures and 2 hours of content material! Making your products and services and directives extra tough Easily configurable, modula... more ››

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#AngularJS Cookbook: Recipes For Common Scenarios 30% Off| #AngularJS

Learn find out how to clear up not unusual situations and scenarios you're more likely to come throughout on this lecture for not unusual day duties Over 40 lectures and three hours of content mate... more ››

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#AngularJS: Write It Like A Pro 30% Off| #AngularJS

Write a entrance finish software the use of AngularJS Modules, Controllers, Directives, Services, Custom Directives with API's Over 48 lectures and six hours of content material! Code: Write a entr... more ››

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#Angular UI Router 30% Off| #AngularJS

How to make use of Angular UI Router in follow Over 21 lectures and 1 hour of content material! Learn methods to create sitemaps and routes. Working with parameters and customized knowledge. Learn ... more ››

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#Hadoop on Azure. An Introduction to Big Data Using HDInsight 24% off – $15| #BIG...

A Pragmatic Introduction To HDInsight SKILL LEVEL - Beginner Level, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - 38 Mins ( 32  lectures), Average Rating 2 scores Over 32 lectures and 38 minutes of content... more ››

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#Hadoop Administration – Hands on 30% Off| #BIGDATA

Hadoop Administration - Hands on coaching masking more than a few complex options together with Hadoop 2 -YARN SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate Level, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - five Hours ( 24  lectures), ... more ››

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#Road to Big Data testing(Cover all Prerequisite) 30% Off| #BIGDATA

duvet all must haves to get started profession in giant knowledge checking out SKILL LEVEL - All Levels, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - four.five Hours ( 51  lectures), Average Rating four.three four scor... more ››

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#Learn How Python Works with NoSql Database MongoDB: PyMongo 30% Off| #BIGDATA

Learn the best way to combine utilities of Python with the straightforward dealing with of huge-knowledge the use of MongoDB because the database. SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate Level, TOTAL COURSE DUR... more ››

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#A Beginner’s guide to big data 24% off – $15| #BIGDATA

A guide to somebody who's prepared get started his profession in big data. Our program is structured from floor degree. SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate Level, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - 2 Hours ( 14  lectu... more ››

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#Master Hadoop Cluster Administration 30% Off| #BIGDATA

Mastering the Hadoop Cluster Administration with multinode setup. SKILL LEVEL - All Levels, TOTAL COURSE DURATION - nine Hours ( 38  lectures), Average Rating three.6 40 scores Over 38 lectures ... more ››

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