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Excel That Would Get You Noticed at Work. Get a Promotion by Showing Superior Skills and Preparation!


"Excellent course by the instructor. Presentation is great!! I learnt a lot of things which I didn't know earlier. Course is helpful for beginners as well. Thank You for the excellent and engaging content."

Omkar, Udemy Student

I actually enjoyed this course. Upbeat delivery at just the right length and pace for each video lesson. The clarity of instruction was outstanding.

I picked up a useful skill, in such a short time, I feel I must give thanks to the creator of this course. Well done and Thank You.

Stephen, Udemy Student

Come with me on a journey to Excel fast-track career success ... in only 3 hours!

Are you about to graduate from university and look for your first job?

Are you a young professional who is looking to establish himself at his new position?

Would you like to become your team's go-to guy when it comes to Financial Modeling in Excel?

If so, then this course is the right one for you!

This course has been specifically designed for you, if you are a graduate who is about to finish his/her university studies and would like to start a career in Business or Finance

This is a great course if you are a practitioner who already has a job, but would like to separate yourself from others by building on your current knowledge.

And in general, this is the perfect course for people who want to become proficient Excel users.

Today, job hunters face a very tough environment. Top employers are eager to recruit people who can get the job done from day one. Financial modeling skills and Excel knowledge in general are recruiters' two favorite topics at interviews.

And once you are inside a firm it gets even tougher. In such dynamic environments, it is very difficult to find someone who is willing to dedicate time in order to teach you how to improve your skills. Oftentimes you have to learn by doing and watching others. There are two main problems with this: 1) you risk making mistakes, and 2) the learning process is much slower.

This course can be very useful to people who already have a job too. You will be able to integrate your current knowledge with many of the advanced features shown here. By learning from an external source you will significantly improve the quality of your work and position your career for success in the future.

The course is organized into three sections.

First I'll explain you the very basics of Excel. This section is fundamental for those of you who have never used the program.
Once we have covered the basics, I will show you a number of Excel best practices that will turn you into an advanced user
And finally, we will learn about Excel functions. We will deal with basic, intermediate and advanced functions that would allow you to become a proficient Excel user

As you can see this course provides complete all-round training and will significantly stimulate your growth. It will help you build the bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application which is crucial for your successful professional realization.

You don't need any previous knowledge, as we will start from the very basics.

Each lesson is very dynamic and your full concentration will be required in order to learn as much as possible.

So let's sum up and say again why this is the right course for you.

This is the right course for you if you would like to improve your Excel skills and perform successfully at work
It is particularly suitable for people who would like to make a good impression at their new job or internship. Walk into a job, be prepared and in no time you will be confirmed!
If you would like to grow faster, you will have to learn faster. This course will enable you to do just that. By closely following all of the lessons you will be well ahead of your peers in no time
You will have personal contact with me, the course tutor
In order to show you that I believe in the course's content, you will have a 30 day money-back no questions asked guarantee.



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