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Get your book noticed on the most powerful reader networking site in the world - thirty million book lovers and growing!


LATEST: Course updated September 27th, 2014

Join 250 authors who are using Goodreads to promote their books, engage with readers, reach new readers, and streamline their social media time.


Do you want to know a free, effective way to market your book right now?

If you're not using this site to market your books and connect with readers, then you are missing out on potentially the most valuable place an author can spend time online. We're talking about Goodreads. The social networking site for readers.

Why is Goodreads so special?

Because Goodreads is not just about readers, it's about influencers. Over one fifth of Goodreads users are book bloggers. And according to estimates in the publishing press, Goodreads users are the most active book buyers you will find right now. They amount to between one third and one half of the frequent book buyers in the US. Now which author wouldn't want to know how to get in front of that audience?

If you were Amazon, how would you maintain influence in the marketplace?Well maybe you would buy out Goodreads -- which is what Amazon did in March 2013.

And what about if you were an author - just a small indie author with one, two or a half dozen books? Or maybe a traditionally-published author who was feeling less than excited about the marketing your publisher was doing for you? (They don't usually do anything at all after the first month or two.)

In our opinion you would want to make sure you were using this very powerful social network of passionate readers. And make sure you understood exactly how to get your book or books noticed.

The reason Goodreads is so powerful is because it is the fastest-growing platform for influencers in the book space. Not just for readers. But for people who love books.

These are not people who are only interested in collecting free eBook downloads on their Kindle. These are real readers, book buyers, serious reviewers, bloggers, and journalists. Readers who want to buy -- and to talk about and review -- your book.

So, what's the deal on Goodreads?

Goodreads has almost tripled in size since 2011. It now has an incredible 16 million users. And while 16 million may not sound that many compared to the hundreds of millions on Facebook -- think about this. Those 16 million users are influencers. People who have the ability to spread the word about your book through their own blogs and networks.

Reviews on Goodreads have so much more credibility than reviews on Amazon -- which we all know can be manipulated. Reviews are tied to a social profile and there is more at stake for the credibility of the individual than those faceless Amazon reviews.

And beyond that -- while we know that reviews are a critical part of buying behaviour -- we give even more weight to reviews from people who are like us. So if we can see the person and especially if we are friends with them, then the more likely we are to buy on their recommendation.

CNN News credited Goodreads as being one of the main reasons that the Fifty Shades of Grey series got to the level of poularity that it did. The author was there and she was (and still is) active.The first book didn't take off until she joined Goodreads.

And we show you -- step by step -- how you can lever the power of Goodreads to help you promote your books right now.

Less time, more results

We don't want this to take more time out of your day. We are all busy. As authors, we want to write, or do the other things in our business or personal life.

So we have designed this course to give you a schedule that can be done in ten minutes a day. And it's ten minutes that you can take away from other social networking or marketing activities. We want you to get better results without doing more - and without wasting time.

Why do you need us?

Well, if you've tried to navigate around Goodreads you'll know that it's not the easiest place to find your way around. Lots of the features a



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