[Free] CIntermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP

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An in-depth, step-by-step guide to classes, interface and object-oriented programming, with many real-world examples.


C# is an object-oriented language. So, mastering the classes, interfaces and object-oriented programming is crucial for a C# developer.
If you're familiar with the basics of C# (e.g. variables, constants, conditionals, loops, etc), and want to learn about classes, interfaces and object-oriented programming, this is the course for you. In essence, you'll learn:

How to work with classes, constructors, fields, properties, methods and indexers

How to use encapsulation to reduce the impact of change

How to improve the robustness of your code

How to re-use code using inheritance and composition

Why composition is better than inheritance

How to build extensible applications using polymorphism

How to develop loosely-coupled, extensible and testable applications using interfaces

Why this course?

This course

Is designed by a C# expert with more than 12 years of working and teaching experience

Is created with you, as a student, in mind: every lecture, every example and their orders have been carefully planned to give you the best learning experience.

Takes you on a logical series of baby steps starting from introduction to classes and ending in higher intermediate topics such as "how to use interfaces to build loosely-coupled, extensible and testable applications."

Has a balanced mix of theory and practice: so not only will you learn how to use these techniques, but you'll also learn the reasons behind them.

Has a great pace: not too fast and not too slow

How this course is structured

This course is divided into a few sections with each section focusing on one of the learning objectives of the course. Each section includes a few lectures followed by a PDF of summary of all the things you learn in that section, so you can quickly review them.

Each section concludes with exercises. These exercises are picked from real-world scenarios and help you put what you learn in action.

All the source code developed as part of the course will be available for you to download and study.

About Your Instructor

Mosh Hamedani is a passionate software engineer and teacher with 12 years of experience building applications using C# (since the first release of .NET Framework in 2002). Mosh is a full-time developer and what you are going to learn in this course is the result of his day-to-day work as a hardcore programmer along with years of studying,
Mosh's students describe him as a passionate teacher who knows how to take a student on a series of logical steps and enriching them with a great mixed of theory and practice.
He gets true satisfaction from sharing his knowledge with others and helping them become better programmers. You can read what other students say about Mosh on his profile page.

What's the Risk?

Absolutely nothing! This course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, go through the lectures, do the exercises, and if you're not happy, ask for a refund within 30 days. All your money back, no questions asked.

So do you wanna master classes, interfaces and object-oriented programming with C#? Then take this course now and get started!



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