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Get sales with facebook ads this week


You have an amazing product and you just need to get the right eyes on it.

You've heard about people being successful with Facebook ads but you don't know where to start.

You're not sure if e-commerce stores can even be successful with Facebook.

How do you make sure you're not leaking money on ads but actually growing your business and sales? How do you get started with minimal confusion?

In this course I will show you the formula to strive for to turn Facebook into a selling machine.

You'll see Facebook ad retargeting techniques that Amazon, Zappos as well as savvy boutiques are using.

You'll learn the methodology behind working through possible ads, until you create a FB ad machine where you put money on one end, and see customers profitably on the other.

What you will learn:

How to start making sales using Facebook by retargeting customers who have already visited your site but didn't purchase.
How to easily track what Facebook ads are making you sales and at what price.
How to take your current customers' emails and have Facebook find customers just like them to advertise to.
Tips that you can apply instantly to your Facebook ads that will save you hundreds of dollars of testing
Brainstorming tools that will show you all of Facebook capabilities and have you inspired on possible new ways to find customers using their birthdays, anniversaries and precise interests.
And of course, step by step, actionable instructions on setting up your Facebook ads. For shopify owners we'll also show you exactly how to install Facebook tracking on your sites.

Take this course and you'll no longer be left in the dark about what's going on in Facebook and how millions are using the platform as a low cost way to get customers.

Where do does the material of this course come from:

I created this course after selling thousands of dollars of product using Facebook as my sole advertising platform and a profitable formula. I show you the steps that I wish were available for me when I started.

All these techniques, I use on my own stores and help clients with through my faceboook ad firm Supermoon IO


Are the tips and tricks you demonstrate legal with Facebook?

Yes, they're all completely legal and within the terms of service.

Beware of other courses offering "hacks" or ".05 cent clicks" as they will get your Facebook account banned for life and you won't be able to use the service any longer.

Do you show the basics of setting up ads?

You must setup a Facebook ads account on your own by adding your credit card, but the very basics of putting ads are explicitly shown. For shopify owners we'll also go over adding your code snippets to your store.

Am I wasting my time with Facebook ads?

I recommend this course if you are already making sales with your product, although you can also use it to test if a product will sell. Facebook ads work best with visual items.

Are facebook ads better than google adwords?

They're different. With google adwords you can aim at people currently shopping and with Facebook ads you get cheaper clicks and more precise targeting.

100% money back if you take action.

Many of the tips here will save you hundreds of dollars in testing facebook ads from scratch so this course is a small investment. If you join the course, and take real action to setting up your ads and are not satisfied, you can simply email with a screenshot of your ads, and I will give your money back.

See you inside the course!




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