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Avoid the costs of web hosting as you learn to use Wordpress. Learn to install Wordpress on your own computer.


Have you ever wanted to learn Wordpress but didn't want the expense of setting up and maintaining web hosting? Then this course is for you. This course will show you how you can install Wordpress on your own computer, install plugins and themes and set up a website without web hosting or any other expenses. The software and tools we will use are 100% free.

We'll start off by looking at the main reasons why someone might like to install Wordpress locally on their own computer. You will then learn how to do this for yourself, even if you don't think you are technically minded.

This course will show you:

All of the tools that you will need. These are all 100% free.
How to download and install a local server environment so Wordpress can work.
How to create a database for your Wordpress site.
How to download and install Wordpress into the local environment.
How to login to your Dashboard, and the main reason it does not work in the local environment.
How to close down Wordpress and your local server correctly.
Installing themes and plugins, and how to increase the default 2MB upload limit.In short, this course will teach you how to install Wordpress on your PC or Mac computer, no experience required. Whether you simply want to learn Wordpress without the expense of paying for a web host, or you are a developer wanting to test a plugin or theme, this course will guide you step-by-step through the local installation.



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