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Discover THE 10-Step Innovation Process, Designed to Drive Business Growth and Proven By Fortune 500 companies


This course introduces you to the proven 10-step Value Innovation Process® (VIP) and some enabling tools (templates, case studies, processes, etc.).

The VIP helps you to define your most important customers’ unmet needs. It guides you in the development of new products & services that align with those unmet needs. Ultimately the VIP drives sustainable business growth and profitability for your organization.

Value Innovation is defined as delivering exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain all the time, every time and shows you how it can be used to drive structured, sustainable business growth in your organization.

The key learning objectives are:
1. Introduce you to the 10-Step Value Innovation Process®.
2. Define a project using the project definition template.
3. Define a Value Chain for your business using the provide tools.
4. Identify your most important customers using the provided template.
5. Understand the power of the Value Curve with Metrics, our quantitative tool and method for evaluating value.
6. Understand how to uncover your most important customers’ unmet needs & the tools to accomplish this.

The course is delivered in 5 sections, each accompanied by a video and slide deck.
Each lecture has “Key Points” at the beginning and “Learnings/Takeaways” at the end.

Tools Provided:
1. PDF of the Value Innovation Process
2. PDF of the enabling tools set
3. Template you can use to define your project including instructions
4. “3 Questions” template to identify your Most Important Customer
5. Instructions on how to develop the Value Chain

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If you have questions, send Dick Lee an email ([email protected]) or call him at +1-720-291-0758 and he will respond within 48 hours.



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