[Free] CAdvanced Topics: Take Your CSkills to the Next Level

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A collection of hands-on, bite-sized video tutorials on advanced C# constructs that every C# developer must know.


More than a hundred five-star reviews can't be wrong!

Chances are you're familiar with the basics of C# and are hungry to learn more. Or perhaps, you've taken another course on C# and struggled to understand the advanced topics due to poor explanations by trainers without solid knowledge and practical C# experience. So, you've been looking for a course that gives you a clear and in-depth understanding of advanced C# features so you can apply them at work. If so, then this course is for you.

In C# Advanced Topics, Mosh walks you through the advanced features of C# that are frequently used in building real-world applications. This includes

Exception Handling
Lambda Expressions
Extensions Methods
Nullable Types
Asynchronous Programming with Async / Await
And more

This course gets continuously updated with the new features of C#. Note: The price will go up as new lectures are added. If you get the course now, you'll get all the new lectures for free.

Why this Course?

This course

Has a clean structure with a perfect pace (not too fast to confuse you, and not too slow to bore you or waste your time), and
Gives you an in-depth understanding of advanced C# features, and
Is created a by an expert with in-depth knowledge of the C# language and .NET Framework as well as 12 years of professional experience in the industry,

Take this course and try it for yourself. If you're not happy, all your money back, not questions asked.

Who is Your Instructor?

Moshfegh (Mosh) Hamedani is a .NET developer with 12 years of professional experience designing and implementing applications and frameworks using C# and .NET. Mosh's students describe him as a passionate teacher who knows how to lead a student through a logical series of baby steps along with a perfect balance of theory and practice. Read his reviews to see what others say about him and his courses. Mosh is academically educated with a Master of Science in Network Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. He is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Application Developer (MCAD), and Professional (MCP).

Do you want to take your C# knowledge to the advanced level?

Then take this course and get started.



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