[Free] Python, The Next Level (Intermediate)

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Lectures 90
Video 7 Hours
Skill level intermediate level
Languages English
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Available on iOS and Android
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Algorithms, NP-Hard Puzzles, Clean, Fast and Functional Code -- OH MY! Taking things to the next Level


This Python Training For Intermediate class will be giving you an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms, enabling you to discover how individuals are connected, puzzles are solved, and problems are worked out. All with the help of Python.

This is an intermediate python course, so a minimum amount of python is recommended. But no need to be an advanced user, that is a different course.

Take this python training course if you have the basics of Python down pat and want to learn how to apply everything to hard problems. You will also learn new tools and tricks along the way.

The python training for intermediate course can be taken as one whole class or as 4 separate classes, as each problem set is self contained.

There is a Python Glossary at the end which contains all the videos dealing with Python Tools used in the course. If you forget a tool's use, you can easily look there for quick access to the information.

Some of the Python tools discussed in this course include:

args AND kwargs

class objects

eval function

generator expressions

generator functions

itertools Permutations

Lambda Functions

List Comprehension



re Search

string Format Function

string Translate Function

Try Except Blocks

Writing Tests

Take this ultimate Python Course: Python Training for Intermediate right now and take your expertise to the next level.



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