[Free] Mastering Axure RP 7 : UX Design Prototyping

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Video 2 Hours
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Learn Axure to develop your prototyping skills and become an UX design specialist.


This online class will teach you both the basic and advanced features of Axure RP 7.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate Axure user, this course will come in handy as it includes theory at first, starting with the environment and then building up to presenting the panes and their uses.

After this complete overview, I will also give you a practical example, which is creating a proper interactive website homepage of a well-known coffeehouse company.

Most courses only teach you theory and the basics of using Axure, that’s why I tried to create something different, so that you can actually see the power of rapid prototyping with this software.

Together with the video courses you will have access to the Exercise Files that include the fully-functional prototype.

Another issue that I encountered in time is that most courses don’t ask students to actually do some work, and I find them pretty boring as they are one-sided and don’t give you a sense of accomplishment.
Therefore, at the end of the course I will give you a test in which you can try out your newly developed skills. The test consists of creating a section of the website by using a new feature in Axure 7.
Of course you will have the section available for reference as an RP file in the Exercise Files, but I encourage everyone to try and develop a fresh prototype by their own.

I will provide proper feedback and improvement suggestions, so you can contact me at [email protected] and attach the RP file you created.

Therefore, even if you already have hands-on experience with Axure, you might find this course suitable to improve your skills and become an Axure specialist.

Course updates

Based on your feedback and suggestions, I will constantly improve the quality of the lessons and also add more information wherever there is need for.

As a conclusion keep in mind that my main goal is to provide a better learning experience so I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions at [email protected].

What is Axure RP?

Axure is the most used prototyping software in the world at this moment.
I will not dive into why we should use prototypes as one of our main communication tools within a design process, as my belief is that all of you are aware of their importance.

Axure was first released in 2003 as a tool that was supposed to revolutionize the creation of powerpoint and word specifications.

Nowadays, it is considered the standard in software prototyping tools, being used by tens of thousands of UX designers and product managers.



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