[Free] App Store Optimization (ASO) For Android: No Marketing

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Learn exactly how we used App Store Optimization (ASO) to get over 1 Million downloads on Google Play w/ no marketing.


Do you have an app available on Google Play? Are you frustrated with getting little or no downloads to your app?

What if it got a whole lot easier to get your app noticed and to start getting more downloads?

Imagine if your app was get 100's or even 1000's of downloads every day?

What would that be like?

I know that developing an app takes time, effort and sometimes a lot of money. And it is very frustrating when you finally launch it on Google Play only to see it not get the downloads you know it deserves.

And that is why I created this course App Store Optimization (ASO) For Android: No Marketing

We have gotten over 1 Million downloads in just over 1 year, on the Google Play marketplace, and we have never marketed our apps.

We have done this using App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is for mobile apps. Specifically, app store optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store's search results and top charts rankings. ASO marketers and mobile marketing companies agree that ranking higher in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app.



Most ASO courses are based on theory, and focus mainly on iOS.

We are only focusing on the Google Play Marketplace.

ASO for the Apple marketplace (iOS) is completely different than ASO for Google Play.

We have proof that it works, please see the download proof video below.

You will learn step by step exactly how we use a software called (KeywordXtreme) to find keywords that REAL people are searching for on Google Play.



Quickly identify how Google Play ranks your app.

Steps you can take to easily increase your downloads.

Take action and see the results.

Learn the exact software settings that has helped us reach over 1 million downloads.

Discover 3 SAFE ways to get reviews to your app and skyrocket your downloads.

See the full COURSE OUTLINE below.



A very easy thing you can do right away to get more downloads, we just started doing this and we have seen great results.

One tip that will help increase downloads to the next app you publish on Google Play.

Each section has a downloadable Cheat sheet, so that you can follow along, and make any notes that you need.

We are always testing new ideas and options that have to do with ASO, and when we learn something we will share it with you.



1. What is KeywordXtreme?

KeywordXtreme is a software we use to find laser targeted keywords that real people are searching for on Google Play.

2. What does KeywordXtreme cost?

The regular price of the software is $47.00, but if you take this course you will receive a discounted price of $27.00.

3. Do I need the software to do this course?

Yes, we will show you our 3 step system on how we use KeywordXtreme to find your MAIN Keyword and all your secondary keywords.


This course is backed by Udemy's 100%, 30 day money back guarantee.

So there is NO risk, if it doesn't work or if you don't like it, then return it.

Start to understand what Google Play wants, and how app store optimization works.

Begin using the tools we outline and start to see your app get noticed.

Take control of your app business and start getting more downloads to your app.

Are you ready? Let's Go!! Click the "Take This Course" button, on the top right.



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