[Free] Chugging - it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

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Rhythm harmonica for blues, country, rock, folk, jazz - any music works better with a beat or groove. Swing it and see.


This is an excellent course that will be extremely useful for anybody from total beginners to intermediate players.

All you need is a C harmonica (10-hole diatonic is best) - and your OPEN ears!

Each video lecture is acompanied by mp3 playalong tracks and the written music with standard notation, harmonica tabs and the words to say.

It starts very easy and will challenge you as you go on - but you will manage it, nothing impossible!

The idea behind it is to play' Rhythm harmonica'. Part of the role of a harmonica player is to provide rhythmic backing and that is what this course is all about.

When I was learning trumpet and tabla I realised that speaking the rhythms is a very good way of creating interesting sounds and rhythmic textures.

It also became clear to me as I was trying to teach people how to play like Sonny Terry that using words was a good way for me to explain it and easy thing for people to understand.

'Chugging' is all about saying, or rather whispering, crazy percussive words into the harmonica like 'choo chacka choo'. Just whisper Choo Chacka, Choo Chacka, Choo Chacka Chooooo into the harmonica and I think you will see what I mean, manage this well and enjoy the rhythm it produces.

You will also learn to play some train sounds.

Everybody likes to play a train whistle and here comes yours.

Exhale to prepare (not through the harmonica), grab holes four and five, breathe in, and articulate the word 'WOWW' as you do it.

As you breathe in try to 'chew' the sound by moving your tongue and jaw around a bit. Like 'wow wow wow'

Don't forget to pull the imaginary steam train whistle chord as you are coming round the mountain Casey Jones style.

It is starting small and simple but will get up to about 30 lectures. The advantage of getting it now is that it will have a low price and when the other lectures are added you will not have to pay any more! The more lectures it gets the higher the price will go.



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