[Free] How to Learn Like Einstein: 9 Habits of Extraordinary Genius

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Learn Einstein's secrets for increasing mental power to succeed in your career, education, and life.


Your professional success depends on your ability to think more effectively than your competitors.

As you adopt Albert Einstein's habits for creative, logical thinking, you will increase your intellectual power and enjoy more professional achievements.

Although we often think of Albert Einstein as one of the smartest people ever, we don't investigate what it was that made him so. People who speak highly of him often attribute his genius to some mysterious gift. They don't believe his smarts came from a certain attitude about learning. In reality, you can recreate some of his habits to get smarter and boost your intellectual abilities.

That's what you'll get from this course. You'll learn about 9 effective habits Einstein used to develop the mind power that made him famous. After each video lecture where one of these habits is presented, there's another video lecture and worksheet activities you can complete to develop those abilities and habits in your own life.

It may not be theoretical physics you're trying to be successful at, but whatever you aim to accomplish in your life professionally, academically, or artistically will come much faster as you implement Einstein's habits in your daily routine.


In less than three hours, you can learn how to...

Think more creatively and develop your own intellectual independence.
Focus on important problems in your work and education.
Ignore criticism from people who don't understand your ambition or ways of thinking.
Improve your imagination and use it to be more successful.
Design your own curriculum and teach yourself new skills.
Determine which professional relationships will help you achieve your goals and which ones won't.
Get rid of trivial activities in your life and focus on what's worthwhile. OVER 6,000 STUDENTS HAVE ALREADY ENROLLED

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Read what some people have said about this course:

Ken Kaufman, CFO of the Year & Author of Impact Your Business said, "Success comes to those who are willing to pay the price to learn. Notice I didn't say anything about expensive education, but the price to learn. Learning requires thinking, hard thinking. The principles in this course are essential for building a successful career in this ever-changing economy. I would recommend it to anyone who is committed to learning the right things the right way."

Daphny Cross said, "Mr. Churchill has nailed it. Many times we just don't see that in order to be better qualified, we just need to think a little outside our usual box. Sometimes we get so stuck in a rut, it never occurs to us to do this. Clear and concise, this course will help anyone who feels they need change in their career."

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3) What is an Autodidact, and Why Should I Care?
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