[Free] How to SEO Your Website for Instant Visibility in Google

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Lectures 12
Video 2 Hours
Skill level all level
Languages English
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A step-by-step guide to optimising the pages on your website so they can rank for the right sales generating keywords.



If you take this course you get access to my Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and I will provide direct support. I am committed to making sure you are able to get your website found in Google.
You also get discounted access to my up and coming signature program.


This course is designed for business owners who have just built a website or have an existing website that they cannot find ANYWHERE in Google when they search using their target keywords.

If you can only find your website when you search for your business name, but NOT when you search using your target keywords, then this course is designed to make your investment in your website worthwhile.

The #1 reason most business & e-commerce websites get no traffic is simply because their pages are not optimised to target the right keywords.

By choosing the right keywords then optimising the pages with compelling page titles and meta descriptions, your pages will suddenly appear in search results.

Once they start ranking all of your marketing and link building efforts will work to improve your rankings for those keywords.

This video based training comes with a quick start guide and my personal Keyword Research and Onsite Optimisations Spreadsheet to allow you to start your website pages within a day.

Without properly optimising your website pages, your link building efforts will be wasted as Google struggles to know what to rank your pages for.

You will learn:

- How to identify if there are any technical issues stopping your site from getting indexed and ranked

- How to find the right keywords for the pages of your website

- How to draft compelling page titles and meta descriptions for your site so your site ranks in Google

Start now to get Instant Visibility in Google.



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