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Creating and revealing


Welcome to Hacking School!

Rootkits and Invisible Software: Creating and Revealing Course

Before we begin: the practical use of the course you are going to see has been proven by thousands of people all over the world – beginners and computer geeks as well. People who make their first steps in computer / network security and professionals: network administrators, programmers, pentesters, black- and white hat hackers. Please, read carefully what we'd like to share with you.

A rootkit is a stealthy type of software, typically malicious, designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs from normal methods of detection and enable continued privileged access to a computer. - definition by Wikipedia

You can ignore the fact that rootkits really exist,
You can pretend that goverment agencies don't use rootkits,
You can even believe that big companies don't spend huge amount of money for developing malicious software that can spy on you and your family,
You can just turn a blind eye on it and ignore these fact.

But it does not make the problem disappear.

Therefore we decided to face facts and show you how rootkits work, how they can hide inside your system, how to create such an invisible software, how to detect and protect against those threats.

This course covers all the important techniques related with ROOTKITS AND CREATING INVISIBLE SOFTWARE used by hackers, system administrators, pentesters and IT forensic analysts.

What you can expect from this course:

You will get over 39 lectures and 10 hours of content!
You will get free source code package to download
You'll learn how to create shellcode
You'll learn how to inject code into processes
You'll learn how to hide processes, files, directories and registry entries
You'll learn how to keep a rootkit in a system
You'll learn how to create a backdoor
You'll learn how to create an invisible keylogger and remote console
You'll learn how to make a screenshot
You'll learn how to create undetectable applications
You'll learn how to deceive Anti-Virus applications
You'll learn how to use anti-emulation techniques
You'll learn how to bypass a firewall
You'll learn how to create a rootkit detector
You'll learn how to protect against rootkits
And many other interesting topics

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction or you will get your money back. You have 30 days to decide if the Wireless Network Hacking Course is for you. You will get access to the whole system. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your training, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

Good luck and see you on the other side,
Andrew Harper || Hacking School Team



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