[Free] The Secret of How to Get Motivated & Achieve Your Life Goals

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7 Steps to Clarity, Purpose & Passion in Life


*Course Updated on 9/1/15*

Over 3,200 STUDENTS in 120 Countries

73 "5 Star Reviews"!

Here's what a few students, who have already made the decision to take this course, had to say after finishing:

"Awesome!!! Very Surprising Course...

Wow! I really liked this course. So tired of courses that are all fluff. This one just gets right to it. I really like the part about beliefs and the overall premise of the course. Is it possible to give a 6 star review? Plus, Ken is a very responsive and engaging teacher. Can't wait to see what he puts out next."

-Roszel Fletcher

"This is not your ordinary course.

Ken has really developed a unique, straightforward guide to quickly motivate yourself so you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. This is one of those courses that can truly change your life and how you do things."

-Christine Evans

"Clear and to the Point.

If you've read any of the many self-improvement, self-development books out there, you'll be only too aware that they often contain a lot of filler.

This course contains zero filler. In a short, simple series of exercises, Ken presents a powerful technique for clarifying what you're trying to achieve. Very worthwhile."

-Sam Pollard

"One word to describe this course " AWESOME". Congratulations Ken! If your intention was to help people, let me tell you that you " did it ". I liked this course because it goes straight and to the point. This is not a simple course, it´s a daily guide that will get your dreams come to true."

-Manuel Heredia

"What an EYE-OPENER! You're going to love this course in it's power and simplicity.

There are too many courses and books out there about how to achieve your goals, and they can make it so complicated and time consuming. Ken makes it simple to get right to the heart of things and find your clarity NOW. I used each step and already know how to move forward and what was stopping me! I'm adding this course to my personal development toolbox and will use it often. I'll just go through it each time I want to add a new goal or objective. Take this course today!"

-Lan Anders

"A special kit you need to accomplish your goal. It is true! You can find your motivation in less than 20 min. It is an exclusive method developed by Ken, it is not an ordinary motivation course you can find in marketplace. Ken is here to help, a highly responsive and friendly instructor!"

-Shane Lim

"Practical and Insightful

This is one of the best courses on Udemy on goal-setting! If you simply devote some time to the course you'll have a chance to go through all the steps in the interesting process of self-discovery. The course is very well structured and presented. I highly recommend it!"

-Gulnara Emirali

Discovering the core desires behind your goals results in fresh inspiration and natural motivation to craft the life that you want.

This course will walk with you through a short 7-step process that will help you determine what you truly want, uncover the obstacles to achievement, and deeply understand the core motivational drivers behind your goals.

Quickly Uncover Your Core Desires & Real Motivational Drivers So That Goal Achievement is Natural & Fun.

Become Completely Clear & End Doubt About Your Direction & Purpose in Life
Learn The Secret To Taking Massive Action Toward Your Goals
Uncover Fresh Inspiration & Enthusiasm for Achieving Your Goals
How to Convert Limiting Beliefs into Strengths
Identify The Key Obstacles To Designing Your Own Lifestyle
Avoid The Confusion, Complication & Pitfalls Of Traditional Goal-Setting Practices
Overcome Procrastination to Taking Action Toward Your Goals
Become Aware of What Keeps People Unmotivated & Learn The Insights on How to Avoid The Same Mistakes
End Self-Sabotage By Aligning With Your Key Motivational Drivers So That Moving Toward Your Goals Is Fun & Exciting
Learn A Simple Way To Convert Limitations Into Strengths and Realize Fresh Creative En



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