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Tactics For Maximizing Media Exposure


How do journalists on top-quality newspapers and online news sites decide what to write about?

How can you get influential reporters to seek your comments for their stories?

How do you build powerful relationships with journalists whose articles are read by millions worldwide?

What kind of press releases get noticed and turned into front-page news stories?


...FROM ONE OF UDEMY'S TOP INSTRUCTORS OF 2014, whose Writing With Flair: How to Become An Exceptional Writer course is among the most popular on the platform.

"Helped me put together a nice blueprint to start developing a strong network for the industries I am working in..." -- GREG FOREMAN, UDEMY STUDENT

"Gave me a clear understanding of the journalist mindset and how to successfully engage them for media exposure..." -- JENNY, UDEMY STUDENT

"Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is new to this industry or has a desire to network with journalists..." -- CORY GOLDBLATT, UDEMY STUDENT

Are you stumped by how to get quoted in the media?

If so, this course will help get your media strategy off the ground by showing you how to cozy up with mainstream journalists.

You'll learn how to generate tons more media publicity without having to spend a penny on expensive PR consultants.

The course has been created by a journalist who's written for some of the world's leading news organizations, including The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg News.

You'll boost your chances of getting on the radar of journalists whose articles reach thousands if not millions of people.

Getting quoted just once in a major newspaper or quality news website can do more for your sales than paying for several adverts in the same publication.

That's because being mentioned in top newspapers and magazines gives you credibility. And credibility inspires trust -- which is precisely what you need to persuade people to buy from you.

If people have seen your name in print repeatedly, they have less hesitation opening up their purses and wallets to pay you.

A respected journalist quoting you in one of their articles also tells readers that you're a genuine authority in your field.

That's why if you don't have a slick media strategy you're probably losing out on tons of business that could be yours easily.

In this course you'll discover a bunch of tactics and gain important insights that will help your business become a brand people recognize instantly. For instance, you'll learn:

How journalists choose what to write about so you have a better chance of sneaking into their articles
The snowball effect: how getting quoted just once can grow into an avalanche of free publicity
The different types of media and how to target them efficiently so you don't waste time building worthless contacts
The different types of articles and which ones you need to focus on getting mentioned in
How to select the right journalists to build relationships with
How a newsroom actually works so you know when and how to approach journalists without annoying them
The difference between editors and reporters and which of those to focus on
How to position yourself as an industry authority in the eyes of journalists -- and reap the rewards when the public starts to see you the same way
What 'newsworthiness' means, and how understanding this concept will help get you loads more free publicity
What journalists are really fishing for when they interview you, so you can maximize the odds of getting yourself into print
How to become a major journalist's go-to source for comment
What motivates journalists (Tip: It's not money) and how to use this insight to your advantage
How to speak to journalists so they'll love you and keep coming back for more
How to make initial contact with the hacks who matter
What NEVER to do with journalists that w



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