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Amazon Kindle Marketing Tips - Kindle Pre-orders take your new kindle books to Best Sellers page BEFORE actual launch!


Kindle Pre-Launch - Use Kindle Pre-orders to get to Bestsellers before actual Launch!

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LATEST: Course Updated Again On July 22, 2015!

I thank people for taking their time to write reviews for my courses. They help me to become a better instructor. After reading reviews, I realize for 'business courses' students do not want long introduction with case studies. This new course goes straight to the point. The lectures are direct and focused with immediate action plans right at the beginning. No long case studies! Thank you for all your feedback. Enjoy!


Listen to what her students are saying:

Jamie Brigg:

High Quality & Actionable

I have purchased several of Rose Suen's kindle books on Amazon and was delighted to see her here on Udemy. This Instructor is as professional and business savvy as they come. I learned a lot about Kindle in this course and HIGHLY recommend everything from this DYNAMIC teacher! 10-STARS

Kim Regan:

Very Good Course

Lots of great strategies and tips in this course. You will learn the WHY behind the suggestions of a pro author.


Ever since I started Kindle Publishing back in 2009, my interest has always been wanting to get my books into the Best Sellers Pages.

I've written many books and conducted different seminars to teach people how to launch their books so that their Kindle books get to the Best Sellers pages and stay there.

Earlier this year in January, I created a course on 30 Day Launch to help Kindle publishers to revive their old books and to get their new books into the Best Sellers within first 30 day Launch.

Half a year has passed, and I've tested more things and discovered something even more fantastic - You can actually get your Kindle books onto the Best Sellers even BEFORE the actual launching! Have you ever heard of this? This is 'too marvelous' for words. How does it work? Use the "Pre-order Feature" in Amazon.

I reveal to you real live books that are now on Best Sellers Pages during the Pre-ordering Stage. Imagine! You can have a head start before everyone when you have your book ranking so high up already before the actual releasing date.

I discuss effective promotion and marketing so that you don't waste your time. Use my powerful method of PPP marketing for pre-order books! It works all the time and give you amazing results!

Have you ever thought you could get your book into Best Sellers even before the book is released?

This is a long awaited dream many Kindle authors had longed for and you can make this dream come true for you today!

These are the topics that are covered in this course:

1. 5 Things you must understand about Pre-order books

2. How Kindle Pre-orders work

3. How to upload Pre-order books

4. One Mistake you must avoid

5. How to do Rescheduling

6. The Importance of Meeting Dealines

7. Difference between Draft Manuscript & Final Version

8. 4 Big Advantages in doing Pre-ordering books

9. General effective promotion & marketing

10. The Big Secret Tip of doing cross promotion with Pre-order books

11. How to train your customers to KEEP buying your books

12. Use my 90 Day Action Plan

13. Use my 90 Day Calendar to meet deadlines

14. Pricing strategies & KDP Select

15. Pre-order report in the KDP Dashboard

Treat me coffee when your books keep appearing on the front page of Best Sellers in your category!

Enroll into the course and I will see you inside,


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