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Military Hand-To-Hand Self Defense System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, BIGGER and More Experienced Attackers.


Drop Any "Bad-Guy" Who Dares Lay A Finger On You Or Your Loved Ones...Instantly!

"World’s Most Natural Hand-To-Hand Combat System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, and More Experienced Fighters Every Time, Regardless of Your Age, Gender, or Physical Ability...Without Even Trying!"

The World's #1 Self Defense Instructor, Captain Chris, reveals his amazingly simple system for stopping violent attackers dead in their tracks—no matter your age, experience or fitness level.

• Seen on major TV shows. Including "The Today Show", "Eye Witness News", "Good Day New York", and more.

• Used by The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces, bounty hunters, mercenaries and even professional assassins—who don't have time to learn complex and outdated martial arts moves that don't work in "real world" violent attacks.

• So easy, you can master it in just a short weekend... even if you've never set foot in a self defense class in your life.

• So effective, even guys with no previous experience are using it to send thugs, gang members and other violent "street predators" into emergency rooms around the world.


If you'd like to know how even someone who is slow, out-of-shape and has zero self defense experience can, in one hour or less, know more about surviving brutal street attacks than most black belt karate masters... then this letter will show you how.

Here's the story:

My name is Captain Chris... I am an unarmed combat instructor and self defense specialist. I hold black belts in 5 different martial arts, a U.S. Gold Medal in Grappling, and my students include professional assassins, international mercenaries, The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces and hundreds of elite military and law enforcement agents at the local, state and federal level.

Anyway, you can read more about me and my real life "adventures" seeking out the world's most deadly self defense tactics in my “bio” section over to the right of this page.

But forget about that for now.

It's not all that important.

What is important is that, for the past several years, I have been teaching (and perfecting) a secret way of fighting that was invented during World War 2—that lets even "regular Joe's" hurt, cripple and even kill violent attackers that threaten you, your wife or your kids:

•Without needing to be fast, strong or "in shape."

•Without long, sweat-drenched hours of practice.

•And without needing any fighting experience whatsoever.

In fact, as strange as it sounds...

The Less You Know About Fighting Now...

The Better This Bizarre Self Defense System Works!

How is this possible?

To answer that question, I have no choice but to tell you a story the military and most every "martial arts" teacher on the planet do NOT want you to know.

Frankly, even the U.S. government will deny what I'm about to say.


Almost 80 years ago, on the eve of World War 2, there was a meeting within the House of Lords in London. In attendance were some of the world's richest and most powerful men: Including billionaires (there were only a few at the time), diplomats, kings, world leaders, presidents, and other powerful "elites" who controlled vast sums of money and power.

These people were literally desperate to discover the answer to one question, and one question only:

"What REALLY Works In Combat?"

Why did they need to know the answer to this question?

Because these guys were scared shitless (and rightfully so) that they were about to lose their entire fortunes to the single greatest threat mankind had ever seen:

The Nazis.

And so, these European power players teamed up with the British government to commission a small group of "combat engineers" to study every single one of the world's most combative fighting styles, martial arts and self defense techniques.

Here's what they found:

After months of putting thousands of moves, methods and strategies under a microscope, these "combat scientists" discove



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