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Secrets to Creating Passive Income by Self-Publishing Kindle Ebooks - How to Write, Publish and Sell Ebooks on Amazon


If you love the idea of making money publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle but hate the idea of marketing, this course is for you. I have published over 115 kindle books, and in this course I'll show you exactly how I did it and how I make $1200 a month with zero marketing. I have made over $43,000 to date. It isn't hard and you can replicate my success using what I'm about to teach you in this course.

Here's what students are saying about the course:

"A direct and honest how-to for self-publishing - Steve provides complete coverage of the course and helps his students understand all of the help and resources that are available to accomplish your goals of self-publishing. He updates content regularly and is very responsive to his students." - Cindy Holtom

"Everything you need to know - This course covers everything you need to get started. Steve is very generous in giving away the secrets to his system. Thanks Steve." - JB Marwood

"...I don't have time to sit through hours or even minutes of 'fluff' until the main meal is served. Steve cut right through to the meat and potatoes and shared his special ingredients for profiting with Kindle eBooks. I am so excited! I've already created my book template, signed up on KDP, and currently seeking the most active key words and most profitable search terms for my first book. Great stuff! Thanks Steve!" - Mike Schoebinger

"An awesome Kindle course on Udemy - Steve's Kindle course is simple and easy to follow. He is also prompt to answer every questions I have along the way. I am sure that if I follow everything the instructor outlined in this course, I will make $1500 a month. Well done. Highly recommended." - Korn Won

"Every Step from Start to Published, Paid Success! - Instructor Steve McDonald shows exactly how much revenue he's generated with his collection of ebooks on kindle. He shows how to find the topic, create the content, use a Word template, and outsource the writing and cover illustrations. He also gives a live demo of exactly how to publish your ebook in kindle and how to hire a writer on elance. Also, I loved the free template. I've written several ebooks but now with this system, I can really ramp it up and create more products, faster. Thank you Steve for shining the light on the path to financial freedom by doing what I love -- publishing books! - Penelope Gold


Welcome to my course: How I Make $1200 a Month Selling Kindle eBooks with Zero Marketing.

I'm Steve McDonald.

I make over $1200 a month and I don't do ANY marketing. I could go surfing in Costa Rica for two months and not touch a computer the whole time and my eBooks would still be bringing in the money.

Right now is an amazing time to make great money publishing and selling eBooks! Anyone can do it and that includes YOU!

In this course I'll teach you a program that I have created from scratch for publishing and selling kindle books with absolutely NO MARKETING. I'll walk you through the whole process, from coming up with a subject for your book to creating a great cover for under $10 or even FREE, to clicking the publish button and making money.

I have published over 115 eBooks in the last 3 years and I still get excited every time I click the publish button.

You can see a list of them on Amazon by going to Amazon, then clicking on Wishlists > Find Someone's Wishlist > and search for Steve McDonald. You will see a lot of search results. Mine is the list called "Steve's List of Published Books". You can click on the free preview of any of those books and you'll see that they all say "Copyright (the year) Stephen McDonald".

My name is on the copyright page because I published all of those books and I own the books. Most of them I have published under the original author's name (I'll explain why I do that and the benefits of that strategy in the course).

My name being on the c



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