[Free] Analytics for All: Beginners to Experts

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Learn Analytics from scratch- Ace Excel, cluster and factor analysis, linear and logistic regression, R and SAS.


Analytics is a huge and steadily growing industry. There is so much that can be done with the enormous amount of data available to us. The big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion worldwide in 2015, according to IDC. Ready to get on the bandwagon?

How do I increase my page’s Facebook likes? How do I know if blue or green would be good for my company’s logo? Which of the 10 methods would be most cost effective? Let analytics answer your questions and help you make data-backed, strategic and quicker decisions.

Whether you’re new to the field and want to tip toe into analytics or you’ve taken the big dive and are ready to immerse yourself in the subject, this course is for you!

Acquire a deep understanding of analytics and the tools and techniques involved.

Our content is periodically updated to make sure we give you the best. Our course material is designed in a way to ensure that you’re gripped right from the basics. Become an expert in 8 weeks! We don’t just give you 143 lectures and 23+ hours of content,we provide you lifetime access to all the material to accommodate your busy work schedule.

Additionally, you can get all your questions answered on our discussion forum and find examples and solutions uploaded by us and other students. Stay connected with your professors and peers 24*7!

Analytics propels clarity and innovative thinking. At ATI, we are committed to get your mind churning the right way.

What’s in it for you?

·Automate work using Excel

·Learn to create dashboards and make your data visually appealing

·Hypothesis testing: Make no assumptions

·Ace Linear and Logistic Regression

·Use Cluster and Factor analysis to find associations

·Master R and SAS.

·SQL Basics

·15 case studies and regular quizzes to gauge your understanding.

What after the course?

·Enter a Kaggle competition, get recognized and win $100,000 or more?

·Start your own company? Artificial intelligence maybe?

·Get your company acquired by the big players?

·Write for the Wall Street Journal?

There is so much you can do with analytics - from predicting who will win a political election to foreseeing the occurrence of an earthquake; it is a world of uncertainty that can be made certain.

Enroll now!

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