[Free] Apple Watch - Go From Newbie to Pro by Building 15 Apps

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Lectures 134
Video 13 Hours
Skill level all level
Languages English
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Available on iOS and Android
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Learn how to develop real world Apple Watch apps with WatchKit and Swift. No prior programming experience required.


The Apple Watch is out, and it's selling off the charts. It's on track to be in the hands of more than 25 million people year end. Take this course now and be one of the first to have your own apps available in this historic introductory year.

I firmly believe that the best way to learn is by doing. So we go through everything step by step in the making of 15 different apps from scratch. From these 15 apps you will learn all the skills needed to make your own apps for the Apple Watch.

The best part is that no prior programming experience is required. I've been the beginner that had trouble with complex tutorials, and will never speak over your head. If you've got some programming experience already however, you'll have everything you need to dive headfirst into Apple Watch's WatchKit and Swift so that you can work to an impressive skill level.

We'll dive into a thorough explanation of all WatchKit SDK elements including actionable notifications, glances, general interface principles, interacting with the iPhone, and working with API's.

What makes me the right teacher?

I have 9 iOS apps in the App Store which total over 300,000+ downloads
I teach more than 17,000 other students in my conglomerate of highly rated Udemy courses
I use an energetic and engaging course style that involves students. I guess you could say, I'm far from a robot… and it should be entertaining :)
I have been doing iOS development for 4+ years
When I was first learning iOS development, I was often confused by wordy blog posts and tutorials. I will never talk over your head.
I created the first Udemy Swift course and also teach the highly rated “How to Make a FREAKING iPhone App with Swift" course.

Who is this class for?

People who want to make apps. I will not be teaching wordy or complicated computer science philosophies. I will be teaching you how to make apps that you can play with, share with friends & family, and offer to the world!
Beginners. You don't need any programming experience to take this class. I have been the absolute beginner before and I want to help you.
Those programmers who are new to Apple Watch. Dive in with your prior experience and move more quickly, on to become an impressive Apple Watch developer.
Entrepreneurs who have an idea for an app. Don't pay somebody thousands to build your app. Do it yourself. Having the ability to create something you can think of is extremely powerful.
Career development professionals who want to earn money professionally via contract work, consulting, full-time employment, and so forth



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