[Free] Kindle Launch Plan: $1400 in 30 Days & an Amazon Bestseller

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Learn the proven process of how to take your non-fiction book from idea to the top of the Amazon charts.


Is writing a bestselling book a dream of yours? There's no better way to spread your message, help other people, earn credibility in your industry, and even earn author royalties for your efforts.

But for most people, that's where the dream ends; as they wake up to the daunting reality.

They don't know where to begin, how to publish their work, or how they can possibly get noticed in the sea of 3 million competing titles.

This course puts an end to the confusion and shares the proven, systematic way to take a book from idea to Amazon bestseller.

I've done it myself -- with a book I didn't even have any particular qualifications to write, and I'm confident you can too. That title earned me over $1400 in author royalties in its first month and continues to make sales every day!

We'll walk through step-by-step what's required to get your book to the top of the Amazon charts, starting at the ground level and working our way up.

This course is specifically for people WITHOUT an established "audience" in the form of a big email list or social media following.

You'll learn how to:

Research the competition to best serve your readers.
Find the best keywords and categories for maximum exposure.
Build buzz for your launch and recruit a team of book ambassadors.
Create a winning cover, book description, listing page, and author page.
"Hack" your book content to win in Amazon's search results and gain long-term customers.
Professionally format your book, upload it to Amazon, and even create a paperback version (for free!).
Price your book to optimize sales, income, and perceived value.
Use Amazon's massive reach and internal workings to promote your book for you.
Generate a critical mass of reader reviews.
Leverage dozens of free promotional outlets to spread the word about your book.
Maximize your social media reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
Keep the momentum of your launch going after your big promotional push.

95% of other Kindle authors don't know or don't execute on these tactics, so you'll have a huge advantage and be able to win the top positions -- and the authority and income that come with it.

Ready to begin your journey to bestseller status? Let's get started!



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