[Free] Advanced Management Training: Leadership, Negotiation + More

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This course is ideal as a part of new manager training, CEO/CTO/COO skills maintenance, or enabling startup growth.


This unique course is rolling out with a new section each month over the summer of 2015. The price will raise as more content is added!

Similar to MIT's Advanced Management Program for high potential managers (which costs $57,000), this course will develop a comprehensive suite of skills that you need in order to be a manager that delivers exceptional value to your team, organization, and the communities you serve.

Advanced Management Training for Tomorrow's Leaders

Transform your leadership style and develop your soft skills
Understand issues faced by managers from a macroeconomic perspective
Win in negotiations while cultivating long-term relationships
Maximize your personal productivity and handle time constraints
Communicate and persuade in the age of digital communication
Learn to build and lead high performing teams

Take the Next Step in Your Career

This course will deepen your abilities as a manager, entrepreneur, or experienced executive and enable you to make a significant and long-lasting impact on your organization and the communities you serve. In the course, you'll acquire new frameworks and skills developed based on research from MIT, Stanford, Harvard and other leading institutions. You'll also develop a renewed and expanded sense of yourself as a leader. In short, the course is here to help you take another step in your career and be a more effective change agent in the future.

Engaging Video Lectures, Expert Interviews, and Interactive Exercises

This course is ideal for new managers looking to successfully transition into leadership positions, entrepreneurs who find themselves responsible for growing businesses, and senior executives looking to invest in themselves so that they can continue to deliver value to their organizations. In the first third of the course, you'll learn to develop your leadership style by developing leadership guideposts and then building tools that you can use to understand people and work better in teams. Then, you'll develop an ability to look at key management issues from a macroeconomic perspective. This will enable you to anticipate macroeconomic events and important changes in government policies.

In the second third of the course, you'll build your negotiation skills and learn how to increase your personal productivity. You're likely to face complex negotiation scenarios during your career. In the negotiation section, you'll learn to think “win-win" and claim value from high-stakes negotiations. Then, you'll learn how to be more productive and how to work successfully with the many claims on your time and energy.

In the final third of the course, you'll learn how to be an effective communicator and a leader of high-performing teams. We're digital, baby! The modern leader effectively communicates through in-person and digital mediums. You'll learn how to make your messaging effective through multiple channels. In the final section, you'll learn how to build teams that shine with an alignment between people and purpose.

Version Release Notes:

What's new in version version 1.1?

Added welcome video to pose key questions and introduce key learning outcomes

What's new in version 2.0?

Lucky you! If you enrolled prior to June 2015, you've just been upgraded to masterclass! Over the summer of 2015, entire sections on macroeconomics for managers, negotiation, personal productivity, communication strategies, and teambuilding will be rolled out! Stay tuned!
All new intros are now included to support the conversion to a masterclass.
Woohoo! The section on macroeconomics for managers is live.

What's new in version 2.1?

Rock on! There's a great new section on negotiation for you!

What's new in version 2.2?

Woohoo! There's an awesome new section of modules on personal productivity!

What's new in version 2.3?

Check out the new section on persuasive, internal, and visual communication strategies for managers!



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