[Free] Smart Working: Mastering the Skill of Effective Mind Mapping

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Lectures 38
Video 5 Hours
Skill level all level
Languages English
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Thinking, Planning, Productivity and Learning Skills for the Modern Business and for your personal development


With more than 7500 students and over 100 high quality 5-star reviews, this is the top selling mind mapping course on Udemy teaching you how to create effective Mind Maps.

Many people don't realise that in order to master this skill you require a different way of thinking (to the way you learnt at school). So integral to the course is the constant and consistent demonstration of this different way of thinking.

The course demonstrates the what and the why about the key principles of mind mapping and shows you how to use the technique to improve productivity in various business and personal settings. The course will improve your effectiveness (and considerably reduce the time taken) for any task that requires planning, preparation, clarity, and joined-up thinking.

Whilst the course is aimed primarily at professionals in business, it is nevertheless suitable for all ages and all groups. Anyone who would like to be a better learner will benefit from taking this course. The language used is non-technical and the demonstration and video content is high. By taking this course, professionals can improve their personal effectiveness whilst students for example will improve their study skills.



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