[Free] Build your Willpower - The Science of Self-Control

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Learn about the science behind strong willpower. Raise your self-control and achieve your goals.


Based on the latest research and cutting-edge insights from psychology, neuroscience and medicine, this course distills it all into practical lessons and tools to build your self-control.

Use self-control to improve your health, happiness and productivity

Learn how to train the brain areas in charge of self-control
Get a wide variety of willpower hacks that you can apply right away
Learn to switch from the emotional to the rational brain system
Increase your willpower energy reservoir
And much more

Willpower is a skill, not an innate virtue. This course will teach you how to build it

Self-control affects your life almost constantly. Whether it's going for a run after work, writing another job application or resisting the temptation of watching another episode Big Bang Theory. All of these decisions depend on your self-control.

When it comes to success, self-control is more important than intelligence. It's more important than the education you got or how ambitious you are. Research shows that your willpower affects your income, how successful your career is and how healthy you are – both physically and mentally.

This course will teach you to learn and apply the insights psychologists and neuroscientists have had over the last decades. And it will take you on a journey towards understanding and mastering willpower. To maximize your success, health and happiness.

One more thing: You have a totally unconditional money back guarantee. It allows you to study the course for 30 days and if you are in any way unhappy with it, you will get a full refund, no questions asked! Enrolling in the course is absolutely risk free.

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