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There's big profits in Local Video Marketing: Learn Who are the Best Customers, What to Offer, and How Much to Charge!


A Monster Master Course for Monster Master E-Marketers … More than 2,400 STUDENTS ENROLLED & 5-Star Reviews!

So, you're looking for a small business - that can grow into a BIG business - with little or no start-up money, few connections, and not a bunch of know-how.

>> Here's a turn-key solution to create fantastic income doing something you love!

The Truth: Local video marketing is the best opportunity available today to a creative, self-starter.

You don't have to know video. You don't have to know … You just have to know how to watch this course through to the end and diligently follow directions!

There are huge profits in the local video marketing agency business, and I provide every detail on how to build such an agency - and grow it!


11 Five-Star Reviews in the first two weeks!

Recent Reviews ...

Simply Enlightning - When I startet the course I expected a course around "how to do some video business". However the course is much more! It not only gives you a real world blueprint, it goes far beyond and explains everything step by step. This is not only encouraging - it is enlightning especially as it covers even tough topics like pricing, business models and the sales process. I enjoyed every video so far (85% through the course) and I'm looking forward to see the final lectures. I definitely recommend this course. Thanks.

My Head Stopped Spinning - I have tried for a long time to grasp the total concept of explainer videos, how to get clients, how to rank on Google and get SEO down to a fine art. Usually with the end result being a spinning head and feeling of overwhelm. But no more, I am now well on the way to be the maven in my field, thanks to Robert and this course. It's brilliant - thank you for making this course...maybe I'll make an explainer video of how good it is.


PLEASE NOTE!!!: Included in this course - The ENTIRE CONTENT of my "How to Use YouTube to Rank #1 on Google - Over Night!" - one of the most popular courses on Udemy!

Just listen to the results other students have gotten with this popular course:

Dr. Richard Feldhake had ZERO experience with Youtube, and couldn't even get his site ranked in Google….then he used my strategies to rank Page 1 of Google 11 hours after posting his first video. Literally, overnight! Mark Levy "quit the internet … it was a waste of money," until he took this course. Within days, the YouTube videos about his business popped up on the top of Page 1 on Google.

The Truth: YouTube marketing is the next generation of content marketing.

In this course I will teach you the exact methods that have:

Built a number of Local Video Marketing Agencies in multiple cities and states
Ranked videos for companies in industries ranging from dentistry to jewelry to pool cleaning
Allowed individuals and businesses to generate thousands from these quick easy youtube videos
Gotten countless people to start from SCRATCH on YouTube
Generated my OWN income and lead-gen from youtube

This Course is an A-to-Z course detailing every element of the process to rank #1. Even if you've never uploaded a single video to YouTube, or never even heard the words “video marketing" we will get you online and successful fast.

You Will Learn…

Advanced keyword research techniques
Exactly how to create each video, down to picking the topic and what to say
How to optimize your videos to get Page 1 Google search results literally overnight
How to turn these videos and rankings into pure profit

Today, only about 25% of businesses that have a website use video marketing in their online campaigns. YouTube marketing is one of the best kept secrets in the in tire internet marketing world. But the word is starting to leak out, so you want to act fast.

RIGHT NOW: You can currently rank overnight, but as YouTube grows this will no



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