[Free] Focus-Balance-Prosper: Focus Your Mind and Achieve Success

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Lectures 20
Video 2 Hours
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Languages English
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Scattered, overwhelmed and stuck often describe how your mind feels when you are unfocused. This course is your Rx.


Tangible tools you can infuse in your process to get through overwhelm, lift out from underwater and get out of your head. The goal of this Focus-Balance-Prosper course is to provide you with what you need to get started and stay on track with your personal or professional projects.

If your goal is to stay focused on a big goal or implement time discipline, this course will provide you with time management strategies that you can use anywhere.

Battling with kickstarting consistency or increasing productivity? The techniques highlighted will help you get in the zone and manage distractions.

In less than 2-hours, taken at your own pace, you'll be able to:

increase your attention

improve mental focus
leverage your time effectively
distinguish priorities
regain control over your life
manage distractions
get out of the bubble
strengthen relationships
develop boundaries
activate your thoughts
become consistent
complete what you've started
distinguish who deserves your time

Accelerate to the next level and refocus your mind by infusing the tools in this course now.



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