[Free] How To Negotiate Like LeBron James

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How Top Sports Aficionados And Athletes Establish Themselves As Reigning "Kings" Using Simple Negotiating Principles


How do top athletes,scouts and sports aficionados use the skills of negotiating to navigate through the competitive sports marketplace while establishing themselves as pros at their art? It's all here.

Whether you're a Big Ten athlete aiming to take the next step into the pros or a scout looking to find and acquire the players with the most talent, charisma, and leadership ability this course will teach you how to maximize your effectiveness with lights out negotiation principles.

Feeling a loss of control in everyday settings with coworkers, spouse, kids, etc.? This course will put you back in the driver's seat and give you a sense of confidence and know-how that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Want to negotiate a raise or salary increase but don't know how to approach the subject? This course will take you around the other side of the negotiation table and teach you who's really in control: you.

This course is jam-packed with negotiation tactics and strategies verbatim that will instantly make you a 10x better negotiator.

100% guaranteed to make you a better parent, spouse, coworker and dynamic leader able to affect change and it's all only a mouse click away.



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