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The Minimalist System for Creating a Self-sustaining, Long-Term Profiting Book Publishing Business


Looking to get started with E-book publishing but getting stuck with these questions?

"How do I prevent competition from coming in and drowning me out of the market?"
"Won't people not buy my book if they've never heard of me?"
"What are some examples of niches that are still viable -- and why?"
"How long should my book be? If it's really long, wouldn't it be really expensive to create?"
"Should I be pricing my book lower than my competitors? Is that how you get sales in the beginning?"
"How do I make my book look like it's been professionally done?"
"How do I make sure that my book will sell?"
"How do I get book reviews without harassing family members or friends?"
"What exactly should I pay to get a book written?"

The Kindle Evergreen program will answer to all of these questions

This is the step-by-step system that's going to help you build a reliable, long-term source of income through publishing authentic, high-value books

Inside this program, you'll discover strategies like..

"Evergreen-Positioning Method" a 3 step framework that prevents you from being drowned out in trending, "competitive" niches
The Content repackaging strategy for flipping 1-off books in to multi-book series
Veteran Results From the Get-go - How to achieve reliable sales numbers with your very first book
"Quote N Flip" Simple, first-time-authors' technique for building authority without any credentials
Commonalities of 2-year-running top-selling titles - How to engineer these things in to your books
The Book length Myth - Creating customer satisfying, inexpensive books that are priced at $2.99 or more
Writers Optimal Pricing Cheat Sheet - What to expect for how much you pay
"Congruency Authorship Technique" - Creating a Trust building Pen Name that Ensures sales without being deceptive
The automated system for creating authentic book descriptions that sell
3 communication laws that prevent freelancers from becoming business-sabotaging renegades
How to prevent Kindle Copyright Infringement Penalties - 2 tools for detecting plagiarism
The complete Book Launch checklist - Complete list of components for avoiding the "cheap", "self published" look
The 5 Rules for Professional Book Cover Creation
2 non-exhausting, harassing-free methods for gaining book reviews
Introduction and importance of the 5 High-leverage rank boosting platforms for increasing sales
"Stamp of approval strategy" - 3 step quality control method to ensure customer satisfaction

And many more! See you inside the course



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