[Free] Product Creation Alchemy: My $118,237 Launch Blueprint

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Learn from my product creation blueprint resulting in 7 $100,000+ launches, 41 total products & $3 million+ in sales


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Over $3 Million Dollars of Results from Online Products & 25,000+ Happy Customers

Imagine concocting a product with zero experience and grossing $20,000.

And then doing the first six-figure launch grossing $112,492 just 7 months later...

We've been blessed to have had this success with online products. Our first product - a PowerPoint - something you'd think would never sell - was forged from scratch in just 11 days changing our lives forever. By the 15th day it put $8,000 profit in our pockets.

Since then we've launched 41 products, 7 grossing over $100,000, overall totaling $3 million plus in sales over the past 2.5 years.

Welcome to the Online Product Alchemy Course where you'll learn how to build successful products based on a case study of our $118,237 4-day launch.

Guarantee: By the end of this course you'll be able to create products that will generate $10,000+ each.

An online product can be a...

Udemy course
Graphics & video templates
Or dozens of other things that add value

And the best part is you can focus on anything you're passionate about including...

Facebook marketing
Weight loss
Offshore banking
Software development
Real estate

Or any other niche - the opportunities are endless - the critical aspect is your passion

In Product Creation Alchemy we'll go into the lab to show you the ingredients for creating and launching online products from scratch even if you currently have no product ideas - the brainstorming sessions will give you multiple 5-figure product ideas and if you currently already have an online business we'll explode your results.

We'll pull the cape off the real 7-figure and 6-figure Black Art money makers for online business gurus - products - by going under the hood of our own business model to show you the exact strategies on how…

-To Product Hack to acquire pre-made high quality $150 products and flip them into $100,000+ launches

-Copy our $10+ EPC optimized funnel

-Create eye-popping salespages converting at over 20%+

Using the case study model, we'll walk you through the product creation process from scratch taking you through the following…

-Module #1: $118k Product Idea Generation - You'll learn how to create six-figure product ideas while receiving access to secret goldmines with done-for-you products

-Module #2: Developing the $118k Product - You'll learn how to transform your idea into a full-fledged product leveraging $2.50/hour employees

-Module #3: The $10 EPC Funnel - You'll find out how to optimize your profits by copy and pasting our upsell pricing strategies & backend profit doubling funnels

-Module #4: 20% Conversion Salespages - You'll discover how to increase conversions on your salespages by using our 6-figure salespage strategies so your product actually sells

-Module #5: 5-Figure JVs - In this module you'll recruit affiliate partners that can send you 100, 200 or even 500 sales but only with our "10-Touch JV Strategy"

Plus you'll get 4 Bonuses for enrolling including our…

-Bonus #1: Our Proprietary Hiring Scripts tested on 50+ employees

-Bonus #2: Our Magic Formula Excel to auto-calculate product profitability

-Bonus #3: Our "Fill-in-the-Blank" Udemy and Online Product Creation Outline to create your course structure in under an hour

-Bonus #4: Our 49 Slide Microsoft PowerPoint Wireframe Template we use internally to develop $100,000+ products

The Better than Money Back Guarantee

Of course there is a 30 day money back guarantee. But in my opinion that is weak so I'm going to come out and say that if you don't get results and see the value in this course then I demand that you get your money back because we are committed in getting you results and if you follow the course and take action I am confident you will make money with online p



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