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SEO For Small And Medium Businesses | SEO For Websites


Important Note: This course was last updated on 1st June 2015 and currently has over 4700 students and is rated 5 stars.


SEO Training Just Got Easy (Over 3000 Students Already)!

Have considered entering the world of SEO - Search Engine Optimisation only to say to yourself:

I just feel it's too hard
I think it's too complicated
I lack of basic knowledge
I don't know where to start
I simply don't have the time
I don't have the money or resources to action an online marketing campaign
I have used the services of a 'SEO & Online Marketing" company before and felt the return on investment was poor

We have coached and consulted with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and can totally relate to how you are feeling and the obstacles you are facing.

That's why we created SEO Enigma - the ultimate SEO training programme.

SEO Enigma Reloaded is a comprehensive, fully fledged SEO education, aimed at delivering long term targeted traffic.

Over 60+ lectures (3-12 mins each in duration) and 9 hours of content cover every important aspect of SEO from a basic introduction, to the keyword & competition research phase, optimization process and finally tracking.

The course is split into TEN (10) easy to consume, step-by step modules:

Introduction Module:

An introduction to SEO, covering some of the basics and background and including terminology. Also learn how a domain name matters and understand about hosting.

Module 1 – Keywords

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood areas of optimization but also one of the most important. Identifying your keywords and analyzing competition is essential

Module 2 – Structure

Understand why site structure is important for both visitors and the search engines and why calls to action and navigation is vital.

Module 3 – Setup

Lean how to install wordpress and make some basic settings changes, which will dramatically affect how your site is viewed by Google. Learn about permalinks, ping services, plugins and themes.

Module 4 – Onsite Optimization

Learn what is onsite optimization and how to make sure your pages are fully optimized so that the search engines understand what your contentis about.

Module 5 – Offsite Optimization

Learn about offsite optimization and how it impacts on SEO. Discover how link values differ and how to build high quality links back to your site.

Furthermore, discover how to recover from past errors that may have affected your web presence and rankings since Panda and Hummingbird updates

Module 6 – Social Signals

Social signals have become so important, we dedicated a whole module to them. Discover what exactly they are and how to get the most from your social profiles.

Module 7 – Local SEO

Learn why local search has exploded in the last few years and how to optimize for local search terms, including how to optimize your Google Places page

Module 8 – Mobile SEO

Mobile web use has gone stratospheric and more and more of us use our phone to surf the web and search. Discover how presenting a mobile optimized website will drastically increase conversions and how to optimize for mobile search'

Module 9 – Analytics and Tracking

It's essential to track and test so you can find out what is working and what is not. In this final module, we look at how to track your websites performance using Google Analytics and how to create goals and advanced segments, along with an introduction to Webmaster tools.

Module 10 - Google Updates Have you heard horror stories about Google's never-ending train of algorithm updates? In this module, we look at each one in detail and how to make sure your SEO efforts are completely Google update proof. There is actually nothing to be afraid of once you understand how and why they work Module 11 - Linkbuilding for 2014 Is link building dead? Far from it is the answer and we have the proof to show you



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