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Android 5.0 development: Become an Android developer, learning Java writing 14 Android mobile apps. Ideal for Beginners!


Course updated 29th July 2015.

NOTE: This course teaches in both Android Studio (the newest Android programming tools by Google) as well as Android Developer Tools/Eclipse. So you get the best of both worlds!

Great news! Google have recently announcement of Android M, the new release of its Android operating system coming out towards the end of 2015.

This course will be completely updated to the new version of the Android M operating system as soon as a stable build is available (right now its only in early Developer preview).

The bottom line is you will be able to get a head start on the new version of Android M before it goes live! And right now you can get all the benefits of Android Lollipop, the current version of Android.

Learn to develop Android apps in Java fast, with this course.

You will obtain the skills to build progressively more complex Apps using Android Lollipop: you will start off by building basic apps, and progress to more complex apps showcasing the more advanced features of Android.

The apps you create include a calculate, youtube video player, Flick Image search and display app, database drive Friends app, a note keep application that uses Google drive and Dropbox, a game, and more.

All the major Android topics are included, SQlite, Content Providers, Fragments, Activities, intents, and loads more.

Learn the two premiere tools for developing Android apps: Eclipse AND Android Studio.

This is a 100% unique approach to ensure you have skills in the two most popular development environments for Android, whilst ensuring you stay up to date with that latest tools and frameworks.

Android Studio is the main focus of the course as this is the most current and up to date tool for Android development.

But Eclipse is covered in the early stages of the course because a lot of development companies are still using it, and will for some time, and in addition, lots of tutorials on the Internet use Eclipse.

So its great for you to have skills in both platforms to make yourself more valuable to future employers, or just to make it easier to develop Android apps in any environment.

It's recommended to to use Eclipse in the early sections of the course, but some students have moved straight to Android Studio and the early code works just fine in that environment.

Once the course moved to the more complex apps, the focus is exclusively on Android Studio and will be for all future course content.

The course also covers new Android lollipop features like Material Design (for fantastic graphics and interfaces), AppCompat (to ensure your app works with older versions of Android.

New content is being added weekly! Over 28 hours of content already added!

These apps being added to the course take advantage of, and showcase the new features of Android Lollipop.

If you are sick of those courses or tutorials you try to follow that never really explain why things are being done in a certain way, then this is the course for you.

I go into depth with this Android Lollipop course showing not only the how, but also the why! Finally a course that teaches you real skills you can use and understand.

And its most definitely newbie friendly, even if you have never coded before. But experienced coders will get a lot out of the course as well!

Whether you've already been creating apps for Android, or you're ready to get started, this course is designed to help you become one of the first developers on Android's new Lollipop system!

Lollipop is geared toward better interaction between the user and the device, which means that programmers need to completely revamp the way they create apps. This course is designed to help you get the skills you need so you can be at the forefront of Lollipop app development.

Master App Building for Android Lollipop

Understand naming conventions.

Install and Configure tools on Windows or Mac (videos for both platforms included).

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