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Build on your current knowledge and get to a next level in SQL. Learn by writing – lots of examples are waiting for you.

I designed this course especially for those who already know the basics and wonder how to get to the next level. Maybe you’re a BI analyst, IT specialist, QA analyst, automation tester, DB admin, aspiring data scientist or just passionate to learn SQL. You’ll learn how to use analytic functions, how to take advantage of table partitioning, how to write user-defined functions, procedures with cursors and even how to write beautiful code. All of that with the focus on the most popular open-source database: MySQL.

In this course we’ll write the code together. I prepared 2 test databases, 70+ lectures, 4+ hours of video and lots of examples and practices so that you can learn advanced SQL techniques by writing the code. You’ll not learn just by watching me and eating pop-corn. You need to write the code and I’ll help you! I believe that’s the only way for you to really adopt this new knowledge.

At the end of this course you will not just know these advanced techniques, but also know how to use them in practice.

To help you out, I also created a Slack group where you can join and chat with me or my colleagues if you get stuck.

Anyways, you have nothing to lose. Try this course and if you can honestly say that you learnt nothing, just email Udemy and they will give you a 100% refund within 30 days.

Last course update: May 2016
Video quality: Very high (1080p HD, 1920×1080)

Enjoy & have fun with SQL! 🙂

Full details
write user defined functions
write stored procedures
simulate some of the analytic (window) functions
work with cursors
use the right indexes and partitions

Full details
Those who know SQL basics and want to get to next level
Business intelligence (BI) analysts
BI developers
Data scientists
IT specialists
QA analysts & testers
Automation testers
DB administrators
NOT beginners (in this course you already need to have basic / intermediate SQL knowledge)

Full details

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Practice advanced SQL with MySQL 5.7+ (2016)

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