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It is no wonder that more students are turning to online courses to further their knowledge and careers in data science because of the sheer number of courses that are available. Online courses also help students to learn at their own pace and from the convenience of their own premises. Further, online courses are much cheaper than those offered by colleges. Udemy is a top-rated online learning website and makes available more than 35,000 courses to pick from, including the best ones pertaining to programming languages and application development. The courses are taught by over 19,000 experts from different parts of the world. In this context, if you are looking to improve your knowledge in data science, the best course that you can opt for is ��Learning Python – Data Analysis and Visualization’. Read on to find out why the Udemy Python course is the best choice.

Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

This course is strongly recommended if you already have a basic knowledge of Python. You can augment your data analysis and visualization skills and take them to the next level. By the time you complete the course, whether you are just a beginner or have minimum knowledge, you will end up having complete knowledge of how to program using Python. The Python course at Udemy is designed to help you use the programming language along with the requisite libraries and computing modules so that you gain professional and competitive advantage in the data science and analysis fields. Udemy Python Course – What Does It Offer
Udemy offers a 30-day review window for the Python Data Analysis and Visualization Course after a student enrolls for the same. They can keep the course if they like it and this privileges them to have lifetime access to all the materials that make up the course. If they do not like the course, then they can get a full refund of the fee paid. Therefore, the risk involved is zero.
The course by itself consists of a combination of more than 100 lectures and over 20 hours of content. The course also provides 100 sample Python code examples that contain relevant videos and data analysis projects. These projects are designed in a manner such that the student can complete them and add them to their programming portfolio.

Udemy Python Course – What A Student Can Learn
In addition to all the aspects of programming with Python, the Data analysis and Visualization course is full of tips that give an insight into how to advance one’s career in the data analysis field. Some of the aspects taught as part of the course include:
– Creation and handling of arrays- Use of Pandas to create data sets and analyze them- Create data visualizations using Matplotlib and Seaborn – Develop one’s own portfolio with Python projects- Understand the use of Machine Learning and SciKit Learn
All these will help the student to develop a complete and thorough knowledge of programming using Python. As noted earlier, this course will have the greatest benefits only if you already have a basic to intermediate level of knowledge of programming in Python. If you are brand new to this language, it is better to hone your basic skills prior to taking up the course in order to reap the benefits.

Students’ Testimonials
The fact that over 22,000 students have enrolled for the Python course proves its popularity. It is also interesting to note that the course has an overall 5-star rating and there are over 300 reviews posted by the students who have completed the course. The positive reviews point to the fact that the course has been delivered with clarity and ease and it has been highly informative. The content has also been praised for easy-to-follow examples that made it easier for students to understand. Many students have also praised the knowledge levels of the Python instructors. All this has led to the Udemy Python Data Analysis and Visualization courses being one of the best among similar courses offered by other online institutions. The Python Course Now Available for just $15 Against the normal pricing of $199 for the Python course (in view of the value and potential for career advancement that it provides). At this rate, it would be difficult to find another online course similar to ��Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization’ that would provide an equal amount of value, sample code, and video help, among other benefits.