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Udemy has just announced that from April, they are completely changing Pricing Policy.  Instructors will be not allowed to offer more then 50% discount for their course , and the prices will not go bellow $10.

So be hurry to get best and Last deals right now, till its not to late!



Udemy Review-Rediscover Udemy

Udemy Review

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Udemy Review

As an English teacher and former Director of Studies, online learning has always peaked my interest, particularly free learning. There’s never an end to learning. On Udemy, one can find everything from Advertising to Yoga.

Udemy presents a showcase of lively, relevant courses to whet the learning appetite of any student or non-student. Subjects that intrigue are offered at affordable prices. There’s no excuse not to feast on knowledge when it’s this reasonably priced. And, with such a broad spectrum of courses to choose from, one cannot but find a Udemy course to satisfy their curiosity.

Udemy has succeeded in gathering together a treasure chest of topics. A major task of a teacher is to instil a desire for knowledge into the student so that he will be able to motivate himself to learn. That motivation must come from within, or else the teacher is pounding on cold metal. In this respect, Udemy has boat loads of inspiration to get that motivation burning within.

Udemy courses are not only varied and interesting, but many of them are also pro bono. All that knowledge just handed out on a silver platter. Several of the Udemy free courses on the Udemy landing page look very intriguing and definitely worth checking out.

Free Courses include: “Introduction to Python Programming”, “7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence”, “Build Your First Website in 1 Week”, “Geology Earth Science for Everyone”, “Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners”.

There’s even a hacking course. That one has a price tag of $199. Certainly that kind of knowledge is more than worth the price.

Another interesting course is: “How I Make $2,000 a month on Youtube with no Filming” for $250, but here with Udemy coupon you can get it as low as $10.

Under “Personal Development”, there are courses on “Leadership”, “Personal Finance”, “Self Esteem”, “Motivation”, etc.

Olu Sanya claims: “I make Math fun and so easy even a cave man can do it.”

Anyone would be excited to try the Python Programming— whatever that is. School was never this fun. In fact, all the Udemy courses look so tempting. So much to learn. So little time.

Under “Grad Entry” there are more free courses to be found: “Introduction to the TOEFL” has a rating of 4 stars. “Mastering GRE Quantitative Comparison Questions” is rated with 4 stars. “TOEFL iBT Speaking Question” has 4 stars and “Magoosh Test Prep” is rated with 4 1/10 stars.

Some Udemy courses can be used by English teachers to fuel conversations or help students to learn better study skills. Not just English teachers would benefit by encouraging their students to use a few of these courses. They are a great benefit to shorten the learning curve in any area of education. The thing about the human brain is that it gets stronger as more tasks are laid upon it.

Today, like never before, we have the world at our finger tips. The Internet is constantly broadcasting knowledge, day and night. There’s no need to ever be bored. Just get started on a Udemy course. It’s ready when you are. They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.” You’re never too old to learn something new.